30 Jan

The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a unique place in today’s market. In many ways they are safe from many of the things that bring other businesses down. Many small businesses are unable to offer employee benefits such as 401k’s and insurance and although it is difficult at times, it saves the company a lot of money. Small businesses don’t have a lot of the costs that larger businesses do and, if they do, they are much smaller scale. On the other hand small businesses need all the business they can get, especially during these uncertain economic times. There are few things you can do to protect and build your online reputation.Read the rest

26 Jan

Making a Career of Online Reputation Management

If you enjoy computers and want to be part of the fast-paced internet-based world, perhaps a career in online reputation management and SEO would be just the job for you. There are several benefits to starting out on your own. One, you can work from home and have complete flexibility of your time and hours. And two, there is no special degree or certification required. And for many who are facing uncertainty in the job area, they are benefits you may not want to pass on.
But before you go and quit your day job, be warned there are many challenges should you decide enter this field.… Read the rest