04 Nov

Reasons I did not renew with Inmotion Hosting

Just received a invoice payment chaser from Inmotion Hosting. Thought I would share with you why I am not using their service anymore:

We moved off your servers months ago due to having the service turned off randomly, god awful support, and when we complained to your quality assurance department they said that your service was just fine. Well it wasn’t, we’re not on you anymore, and we’re not recommending you to anyone anymore.

While realizing we’re a small fish for you we were much bigger having multiple hosting accounts, a dedicated server and two VPS servers. We used your services for years.… Read the rest

02 Nov

Convert WordPress Comments Form into a Table

If you’re fed up with your comment form fields not lining up properly here’s how to turn the form fields into a table which you can then use CSS to format.

In your theme’s functions.php file add the following code:

Then in your comments.php file locate the line that reads ‘comment_form()’ and replace with the following:

This will then turn your comment form into a table with the id of PostCommentTable. Then simply add some CSS into your styles.css file (also in your theme directory):

And you end up with a really nice looking comment table