27 Sep

A Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords

This guide has been written to help you get started in Google Adwords and save you time and effort on initial research.

You may already be familiar with the ins and outs of Google search results. However, just in case you aren’t familiar where ads appear, Google’s paid ads appear separately in the search results on the right hand side of the screen and in some instances at the top of the screen. For example let’s use one of the most competitive terms for paid ads, “search engine optimization”. As you can see below, the #1 ad pays the most for your click and #2 second most and so on to the last paid ad paying the least.… Read the rest

20 Sep

SEO Tools

SEO tools are useful and can help you to develop and refine your campaign. We offer a variety of free tools that can help you keep your SEO on track.

Link Popularity Checker and Link Quality Assessment

This is a great tool to help you analyze the links to your site. Links play a vital role in good organic search engine rankings. Not only is link popularity important, the quality of those links is also very important. Use the free Link Popularity Checker and Link Quality Checker tool to find out the necessary statistics on your links and your competitor’s links.… Read the rest

13 Sep

The Purpose and Practice of Writing Successful SEO Articles

I was so excited to read his post! Google-icon Matt Cutts was blogging on August 21st and hit the nail on the head (as he does quite frequently). The title of the post was, “SEO Advice: Writing useful articles that readers will love.” That, in and of itself, says it all. Why is this such a thrilling post? Because it reinforces what I’ve been saying for years. Whether you’re writing content for a website, an article or any type of SEO copy, you must think of the reader first.

There is such a barrage of worthless articles floating around the ‘Net these days.… Read the rest