06 Sep

Has Google Reached It’s Limit?

By Dylan Downhill

Google went public last month but that’s not the big news for Google. Nor is the settlement of the PPC patent fight with Overture. The big news is that Google may have hit the limit on the number of pages it can store. In a nutshell the number of pages Google says it has indexed (currently it reads ‘Searching 4,285,199,774 web pages’ is not that far from the largest number an integer in Unix//Linux can handle – around 10 million off – see full article here http://www.w3reports.com/index.php?itemid=549. Whether they really can’t add new pages without deleting old ones or whether this is bologna (after all, they are a bunch of uber-techies – surely they increased the size of the index when they saw this coming); only Google knows.… Read the rest