18 Jan

Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties

Duplicate Content Penalties

By: James Peggie and Dylan Downhill
Originally Published: Jan 18, 2005
Updated: Jan 30, 2005

Fact: Google penalizes page rank when it determines that content is duplicated by other sites.

If your rankings have slipped then it’s possible that your page contents have been duplicated causing a duplicate content penalty. Google doesn’t want multiple copies of the same content cluttering their results pages so they will devalue all but one of the copies of the content based on the age of the page.

Don’t Let Other People Benefit From Your Hard Work

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16 Jan

Avoiding a Bad Search Marketing Experience

By James Peggie
Originally Published: Jan 16, 2005

We have many enquiries from companies that have had a bad search engine optimization (SEO) experience in the past and are looking for a reputable search marketing company to work with. Often these clients have been banned from search engines because the companies that they have hired to improve their search rankings use quick fix, unethical SEO techniques.

What can you do to ensure that this does not happen to your business? Or if you have had problems in the past how can you be sure that these experiences will never happen again?… Read the rest