26 Nov

SwiftRank By Optimizing Page Speed

Google algorithm changes are a big deal for all of us in the industry. They key is to be aware of all that is happening and be ready to anticipate, test and react. One of the keys to obtaining swift rankings is to ensure that your pages load quickly.

Site speed is always an issue. If your page is not loading quickly enough then it can create problems for your site. You can check your site speed using this page speed tool.  Use it by downloading the page speed add-on.  Page speed is part of the best practices of web design.… Read the rest

02 Nov

Does Your Copy Ignore Your Site Visitors?

By Karon Thackston © 2009, All Rights Reserved

Sometimes choosing which company to buy from is about like deciding which brand of canned peas is the best. To make matters worse, the copy on most websites doesn’t offer any help.

There are three major offenders in copywriting that I see constantly on the Internet. The first is generic copy that offers no specific differentiation points — in other words, reasons why the visitor should choose you instead of the thousands of other sites that are just a click away. The second is overused fluff copy that has no substance. And the third?… Read the rest