24 Jul

Keyword Analysis: What is it and how to read it?

Keywords are the words/phrases used by people searching on the internet.

They are very important as relevant, targeted keywords can help get you to the top of search engine rankings and help you attract visitors interested in your web site’s content and products.

Choosing keywords requires input from you as you have a deep understanding of your business and industry.

We start the analysis by looking at your current keywords, your page content, the keywords and content of high ranking competitors to get ideas for keywords. We use keyword popularity tools to get other ideas and options. We will then present this to you for your ideas and feedback.… Read the rest

15 Jul

The Importance of Clean HTML Code

HTML encoding errors will break search engine spiders. To understand why you need to think of the differences between browsers and spiders:

Browsers have been written to be backwardly compatible with widely used, badly formed HTML. This is due to user insistence that sites that work in one browser also work in another, no matter how buggy the code: if they didn’t then the user would swap to a browser that did ‘work’. Spiders do not have this requirement, if your site can’t be read then there will be others that can be.

Browsers have kept pace with the internet and have been developed and enhanced through the years.… Read the rest

06 Jul

Identify Target Markets and Match Keywords for Increased Web Visibility

As your company evolved its web presence did you have a clear picture of the market for your product? Or did you put up a web site and hope that the right people would somehow manage to find you? Did you develop your web presence around your potential customers? Or was it developed around your company and its products? It has become clear that a customer-focused web site that targets a distinct market offers you the most opportunity for growth. Perhaps it is time to re- evaluate your potential customer base.

Attracting and Keeping Visitors

The first step is to figure out what the target markets are for your product.… Read the rest