28 Nov

Niche Marketing – How to Contact Your Audience

One of the joys of niche marketing is the luxury of tapping
into a favorite hobby, occupation or expertise and building
a business around it.

If you are expanding an existing off-line business by
setting up a webpage you may find your most valuable
contacts right in your store. Make some brochures or cards
that announce your online presence, or ask customers if
they’d like to sign up for your online newsletter.

Now you can contact your customers about new products,
industry news or specials with no postage costs or time
consuming envelope stuffing.

Invite your subscribers to recommend the site to friends
who are interested in the topic.… Read the rest

28 Nov

What "E" Can Do For Your Business

Confused? Think words like ?force? ?struggle? and ?demand? are a little extreme when talking about an ?e?? It may just be a letter, and a little one at that, but the impact it?s had on the world has been tremendous?and we?ve only seen the beginning.

When ?e? was added to commerce, many companies blithely ignored the addition and the Internet. Either they didn?t sell products ?suitable? for sale online (how do you download a bulldozer?) or their businesses were wholly local (how do you guarantee hot pizza delivery halfway around the world?). So they thought they were safe. No more.… Read the rest

28 Nov

OnPage Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization is the art of designing your web pages to be ranked high by search engines for keywords that you target. There are several methods and they vary from Search Engine to Search Engine. One aspect of Search Engine Optimization relays heavily on the Onpage Optimization.

Onpage Optimization deals with the placement of keywords on the page, the header tags, the appearance of the keywords and the use of keywords in the meta and alt tags on the page. Below are some tips on OnPage optimization that I have picked up and used in my own web sites.… Read the rest

28 Nov

Autoresponders = Automatic Internet Marketing Success

Since there are so many different uses for autoresponders,
they can be of value to virtually any type of business.
Some choose to use the autoresponders to answer frequently
asked questions about a product or service. Others use them
to provide information about pricing or product
information. Autoresponders are also a nice way to welcome
new members to a website or group as well as thank them
after a visit.

One might ask what would be the advantage of using
autoresponders as opposed to simply listing the information
on the site. An important feature of autoresponders is that
they send you an email notification each time a response is
sent out.… Read the rest

28 Nov

7 Reasons to Add Podcasting to Your Business Marketing Mix

Many small and large businesses are still trying to
understand the basics of podcasting technology. There are
many articles and white papers that can educate people on
the basics of podcasting 101. If you are looking to educate
yourself more on podcasting for your business you can read
the 6 blogs that are available at http://blog.podblaze.com

So exactly how does marketing with podcasts work? Think of
podcasting as a communication tool for your business. How
do you currently use marketing tools such as: your website,
newsletter and email marketing? You probably use these
mediums to communicate messaging to your target audience.… Read the rest

28 Nov

Sell Your Product Online

Make sure your site is professional and easily navigable if
you want to make money online. If you have a lot of
product, a search feature is a necessity in order for you
to make money online. If you have only one or two products,
you can use a payment method such as PayPal to make money
online. However, if you showcase more product in order to
make money online, you’ll want to open a merchant account
to handle credit card payments. Some merchant accounts will
also offer free features, all helping you to make money
online. To keep from violating credit card rules, make sure
that for Internet sales, you have an Internet account.… Read the rest

28 Nov

Valuable Content Equals Links

But it doesn’t matter how valuable your content is. It
doesn’t matter if you created the greatest thing since
sliced bread and you’re selling it exclusively from your
website. No one will find you if you don’t reach out. And
how do you reach out? With links.

In the brick and mortar world, a retail business depends on
demand and location. If you put a store selling something
that somebody wants in a high traffic location, you will be
successful. And sometimes it doesn’t matter if your price is
a little bit higher than everyone else’s. Look at
convenience stores that set their prices twice as high as
any grocery store.… Read the rest

28 Nov

Five Proven Methods to Internet Marketing Success

1. One thing that appeals to everyone is ?free.? If it is free people will take it. Think of the samples of cheese given away at grocery stores. Do you really want a small piece of cheese? Of course not! But you take it simply because it is free and someone is nice enough to offer it to you. The same principle applies with information or services offered from your website. You can send out free newsletters or offer a free trail period. One popular thing that is being given away now are free credit reports or free PC scans.… Read the rest

28 Nov

5 Ways Google Will Help You With Your Traffic

But if you knew what I do, you?d realize that there are tools provided by the search engine that help you learn more about your traffic, and may even help drive visitors to your site.

Here are five ways that Google provides free traffic assistance.

#1 – Google will Help Your Pages Get Discovered with Google Sitemaps https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login

Google Sitemaps is a program that gives you the opportunity to present your site?s pages to Google in XML or text.
Google will then come by and spider the pages, getting you indexed faster.

Take note that this doesn?t necessarily mean that your pages will be listed for your favorite keywords, only that discovery will take place a lot faster than with manual submission.… Read the rest

28 Nov

The Greatest Internet Marketing Strategy Using Google Adsense

Discover how using the right keywords in articles and
having Google Adsense ads on your content site is now one
of the most profitable ways of internet advertising.

Are you using this internet marketing strategy?

If not, you may be leaving thousands of dollars of extra
profits on the table by not utilizing this strategy.

This is one of the many reasons writing original quality
content articles is now the latest marketing buzz.

The two basics that you can combine to really power a
successful website. Content and links.

You already know that right?

Are you writing articles and submitting them using such
services as SubmitYourArticle?… Read the rest