16 Feb

Copywriting Makeover: The Value of Being Crystal Clear

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the message we most want our customers to hear gets lost in a sea of superlatives. The marketer within us takes over and – before we know it – the core focus of the Web page, brochure or flyer becomes blurred. Let me assure you of one thing… if your prospects can’t determine – with crystal clarity – what you do and how you can benefit them, all your copywriting efforts will be in vain.

Provider Watch suffered from a bit of this problem. When I read their original home page copy (which can be seen here), I was confused about what they offered.… Read the rest

02 Feb

Your FAQ Page – A Sales Tool? You Bet!

The FAQ page? a standard addition to almost any site. It usually lists questions customers ask on a regular basis, and the answers to those questions. But what befuddles me is that hardly any sites I?ve visited use this page as a sales tool.

Did you think of that? If not, you?re losing out on the use of some valuable real estate! FAQ pages are generally well-trafficked areas of your site. With just a few adjustments, your FAQ page could become one of your leading sources for sales conversions.

Let me give you a before and after version of one site I visited.… Read the rest