25 Mar

Repspinner Scam – Beware Possible Rep Spinner Scam

Repspinner (or is that Rep Spinner) appear to be putting up fake bad reviews of companies and calling the company or emailing them to get the complaints removed. Fionn Downhill discusses her issues with a potential Rep Spinner scam on her blog at http://www.fionndownhill.com/2010/03/25/repspinner-warning-reputation-management-scam/

Fionn details various telltale giveaways that the reports are bogus including:

  • They mention the owner of Elixir Interactive is a man (first Fionn has heard of that).
  • They say that Elixir uses telemarketers – they never have.

These are the two easiest claims to refute, the other claims are bogus too.

So is Repspinner involved? Fionn contacted their US phone number who denied any link to Rep Spinner and started complaining about the number being a home address and she had a baby asleep in her house.… Read the rest