28 Sep

Integrated Search Engine Marketing

Integrating your search engine marketing campaigns will get you up and running fast and will give you escalating long term results. Using a combination of campaigns in your strategy will ensure that your costs are contained and that you achieve the optimum return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the science of making a website … Read the rest

21 Sep

Writing Optimized Articles

Search engines give the highest organic ranking to authority sites. These are sites that have lots of unique and relevant information which makes people want to link to the site. One way to build up this information is by developing articles related to your business or industry. These articles should be optimized in order for you to get the benefit of increased ranking on various search engines. The goal is to put these articles on your website and also optimize them to be indexed by search engines.

To write an optimized article you should choose a topic that is related to your business and website.… Read the rest

14 Sep

The Invisible Web – Is My Site Getting Indexed?

Did you know that the great majority of web pages are not indexed and visible on the web? It is estimated that there are an enormous amount of pages that are never indexed. One estimate states that only 0.03 percent of all web pages have been indexed by search engines!

Is My Site Getting Indexed?

Getting your site indexed by the search engines is important. But it can be challenging! They key is to make sure your whole site is designed with the search engine spiders in mind. So if you are planning a new site make sure your web designer is clued up on designing for users and also for search engines.… Read the rest

07 Sep

Beginning Search Engine Marketing

The use of search engines to help surf the Web has become commonplace. Everyone has a favorite, whether it be Google, Yahoo!, or AOL. And many business owners have finally discovered the ability to advertise on these engines to increase traffic and sales to their site. For beginners there are many terms bandied around relating to these search engines which can be confusing. And to add to the confusion it is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher between all of the “experts” and their advice that is so freely available. Perhaps the greatest confusion revolves around the meaning of “search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing.”Read the rest