19 Sep

The Curse of Ecommerce Resellers: Lack of Differentiation

By Karon Thackston © 2009, All Rights Reserved

During a recent copywriting consulting call with a new client, we discussed her primary concern: having good traffic, but no sales. I’ve seen this a thousand times before. Usually, what I find is a site filled with content that is chock-full of keyphrases and sounds stupidly repetitive. The solution is easy:
Write natural-sounding, persuasive SEO copy that entices customers to buy. But this client’s site didn’t fit the stereotype.

The home-page copy needed some work, but it wasn’t awful. The category and sub-category pages had no copy at all that needed to be fixed.… Read the rest

12 Sep

Search Engine Strategies in New York City

The next Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference to be held in New York City will occur on March 22 through 26 2010.  SES is one of the leading global conference and expositions educating in the fields of search engine optimization and search engine marketing.   There will also be a series of SES Search Marketing Events which will provide instruction from some of the industry’s leading lights and search engine representatives.  When in New York stay at some of the best New York hotels including the Hotel Gansevoort in the Meat Packing district.