29 Dec

jQuery – Add a default button to a page

Normally in HTML you can add a ‘input type=”submit”‘ to a page and it acts as a default button. However this only works if the input tag is within a ‘form’. I was using AJAX and found that adding a form caused the AJAX to fail. Instead I ended up with the following code:

$(‘input’).keyup(function(e) {
if(e.keyCode == 13) {
$(‘#btnSubmit’).click() ;

This adds to all input fields a keyup function that checks for the enter key and if found calls the click function on the button I want to use as the default button – in this case it’s an input button called ‘btnSubmit’.… Read the rest

28 Dec

Overcoming a Common Pitfall for Ecommerce Home Pages

By Karon Thackston © 2008, All Rights Reserved

It was a typical request: one I’ve gotten from many e-commerce site owners because the vast majority make the same mistake. An online business owner emailed me last week asking for help with his conversions. His search engine rankings were good, but his conversions were lacking. At his request, I spent some time on his site and compiled a list of my thoughts, a few suggestions and a quote for making it all happen. What I found on this home page was typical of many other e-commerce sites I’ve worked on.

There was a severe lack of benefits-oriented copy.Read the rest