30 Nov

Web 2.0: Squidoo

As we go into the fourth week of our in-depth look of Web 2.0, it is easy to see how instrumental the new era of the Internet is to individuals and businesses alike. How the Internet is viewed and used is transforming before our very eyes. It is exciting to be part of the transformation and be part of something so revolutionary.

One site that encapsulates all that Web 2.0 is and how it is defined is Squidoo.com. It is the latest site by Internet Marketing guru Seth Godin and it is revolutionizing the way people search or “poke” the net.… Read the rest

09 Nov

Web 2.0: Blogs – What are they and how do they work?

This week we will dive in-depth into one of my favorite areas of Web 2.0: Blogs.

Blogs have revolutionized the business world as well as the communications of individual businesses. Blogs are becoming essential on the local and national level. They also benefit the everyday individual looking to further their career, share their personal life, network with others in the same field, or just learn more about the web community.

As the third installment of a five article series, you are well on your way to becoming an expert in Web 2.0. For the purposes of this series, Web 2.0 is defined as websites that build on community or offer a service.… Read the rest

02 Nov

What is Wiki and how does it work?

Gone are the days of door-to-door Encyclopedia salesmen. Gone are the days where parents have to save and buy individual books of an encyclopedia with the hopes of one day being able to purchase a complete set before the information becomes outdated. Our society has transformed into a place where Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, has become a household name. How did this happen?

Today, kids and adults alike have a wealth of research and information available at the touch of a button. This evolution is thanks to some new software, a concept known as Wiki, and its role as part of the Web 2.0 culture.… Read the rest