30 Jul

New Case Study Proves No One’s Reputation is Safe Online

The SEO community is buzzing about Elixir Interactive this week.  The company released their long-awaited online reputation management case study which documents in detail an ongoing attack on Elixir’s own reputation.  Usually ORM companies are hired to help clients with negative results showing up in search engines.  In this case, the ORM company is the target of someone (or some company) that wants to hurt Elixir’s search results.

Back in 2009 a number of ORMs came under limited attack, as false reviews were published on a number of complaint sites.  Elixir first noticed they were under attack in March.  Rather than quietly correct for the attack, CEO Fionn Downhill used her blog to expose the tactics being used against all the top ranked online reputation management companies. … Read the rest

16 Jul

Money Back Guarantees

I was doing an SEO workshop in OMS  New York and one person asked me about guarantees. Their idea was to force the  person to sign up for a service for a year and they could only ask for a refund when the year was up. I said this was at best deceptive and that if they were offering a guarantee it should be as easy to apply for as possible and should be as easy to receive as it was for them to sign  up in the first place. I said if they offered me this guarantee and I tried to claim on it I would be furious I had to wait 1 year to get my money back.… Read the rest