21 Mar

Blog about your passion and share with others!

One evergreen means of creating and sharing valuable content in the online space – the internet, is through blogging. Think of blogging as having an online diary where you can put your thoughts, ideas and experiences in the form of content on the internet for interested people to gain value from. If you are passionate about any topic, one way of offering value to people like yourself in the same niche is by setting up a blog for this purpose. The good thing about it is that you can be flexible with your blogging without any exhaustive routine.

You can also see blogging as a form of creating a presence for yourself.  A means of putting yourself out there for like-minded people to engage and connect with you creating and sharing value. Personally, I see a blog as your office or shop situated on the internet. What does this mean, you may ask?

Blogging when done right with the target audience in mind increases your perception in their eyes. Over time, you are seen a thought leader and expert in that field. You gain what is called a Know, Like and Trust value because of the awesome content you have been creating and dishing out to people who need it.

The beautiful thing about blogging is that it doesn’t have to take all your time. Simply pick out content topics resonating around challenges individuals in your niche need help with and create valuable solutions on them. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be topics based off solving challenges. You can also blog on just about anything.

You can have a games blog where you discuss and review video games. It could be a photography blog where you discuss photography, post pictures on your photo gallery and share valuable content with your audience.

It could be a travel blog where you upload and give updates on the different locations you have been to. Travel blogs are really great as they help future travelers know more about their prospective locations.

Now, how about food blogging? An awesome niche to blog on, if you ask me. Take a look at this blog http://www.justinbillingsleyarizona.com/ .  He also connects his site to several social media accounts to reach an even wider audience of passionate Vegans like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and WordPress.  This is a perfect example of how to approach a strategy of taking your passion online.  These days you can create great videos on your iPhone which is what this blogger has done. Everybody needs food and if you are a food enthusiast, having a food blog is a plus, in my opinion. You will need to showcase different foods, create and share recipes, discuss food types and run reviews often.

Your blog will display awesome screenshots of different food types from different cultures and ethnicity. Of course, you will need to ensure that your camera quality is of a high resolution so as to capture photo shots in great detail. If you are not taking the pictures live then you need to source for clear-cut, HD  pictures to thrill your audience with.

Clearly, you can see that a blog doesn’t just involve written content.  Your content should be clear, HD pictures and videos that offer your audience better aesthetics. A life-like picture of some mouth-watering, exotic food will appeal more to your audience than some blurry or hazy picture of the same food.

Now, let’s say you got the blog rolling, you will need extra visibility so people can see the value you are giving away and connect with you. Extra exposure, if you will call it that.

This is one way your audience is going to become more aware of your passion and love for your niche. To get visibility easily these days, you need social media branding. As you well know, we are in the age of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus, LinkedIn and several others are all tools you can leverage on to increase the visibility of your blog and brand.

Almost everybody is on social media and if you can build a following of loyal and interested

fans who find value in your niche of choice, then nudging them to become regular visitors on your blog is easy.

If you are a top writer who can create engaging and compelling content, as you deliver and share value, gradually you would have created impact and gotten a group of loyal individuals who are eager to hear from you often.

Facebook and Twitter are the best media for both written and visual content. However, if your blog is on traveling, touring, food, or some other physical activity, the best social platform you can use for your blog is Instagram.

Instagram is highly visual with a solid framework designed for clear, HD photos and videos that capture and engage with the visual senses of your audience. You can upload your photos and videos with a link redirecting them to your blog for more details.

If you have products or services you sell on your blog, leveraging on social media for leads will be best done via creating valuable content. You can make it free then push your audience to your blog to have full access to your premium products.

I will call this a win-win situation – you increase your visibility as an authority in that niche, you create an interested audience who connect and share with you and you generate income from pitching your paid products at your prospects to make sales.

Blogging still remains one of the best ways to share knowledge about your passion and connect with people who share your interest while building your reach and visibility as a personal brand.

Still want to blog?

I think you should!


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