01 Mar

How to Work Out Share of Voice

Disclaimer – I wrote the Sycara Share of Voice system so there will be obvious bias.

One of the seemingly obvious questions in SEO is ‘who are my competition’. As the video says it should be obvious but it’s not always obvious. It also changes, for one set of terms your site might be in competition with companies a, b and c, for another set it might be x, y and z.

So how do you work out share of voice? For each keyword you grab the top 10 sites ranking and assign each position a certain number. You can assign linear numbers (position 1 = 10 points, position 2 = 9 points, etc) or based on click through rates (position 1 = 42 points (42% click through rate), position 2 = 16 points (16% CTR). Then you add up all the numbers and work out where your site is in relation to your competition, and it will also list all your competitions share of voice too.

All of this takes data collation takes time and effort, if you’re looking at hundreds of keywords it could take a long time. The Sycara SEO Tool automates this process and you can chop your keywords, keyword groups,  and weighting any way you like. You can decide you’re only interested in the top 5 for 10 keywords. The Sycara tool also handles that you might control multiple sites and will display both the individual and grouped visibility (which is why there are two blue lines in the video – the top one is all your sites added together, the second is the individual site).

If you’re interested in a demo contact Sycara.

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