06 Oct

Steps to Move eCommerce Store to New Domain Name

Before you move the store:

  • Check that the cart will handle the change in domain names, nothing is hard coded to the current domain, no license restrictions, etc.
  • Check your host allows parked domains.
  • You will need to obtain a SSL certificate for the new store so your checkout continues to work.
  • Does your site enforce one domain? If so can you change to the new domain name?
  • Check none of the coded pages refers directly to the old domain name– the only time it should be hard coded is the jump to the secure checkout. If there are pages with the domain in them you will need to edit to remove the domain name or list them for change after the conversion.

The issue is the SSL certificate, a host will only respond to one at a time (a limitation of the HTTPS protocol means the certificate is attached to one IP address so two certificates would require two IP addresses) so when you decide to make the switch you will need to install the new SSL certificate and then make your store respond to the new address. Overall downtime should be minimal as both addresses will resolve but there is going to be some delay switching SSL certificates.

Rough list of steps involved in the move:

  • Modify the DNS record for the new domain to point to the IP address of the current site
  • You will need to park the new domain on top of the old domain. Usually your host control panel will allow you to set up the current hosting to respond to both domain names.
  • Once both domains resolve you will be able to make the switch.
  •  Change the store to respond to the new domain name
  • Install the SSL certificate
  • Modify any remaining on page mentions of the old domain name to the new domain name
  • Test.

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