29 Dec

jQuery – Add a default button to a page

Normally in HTML you can add a ‘input type=”submit”‘ to a page and it acts as a default button. However this only works if the input tag is within a ‘form’. I was using AJAX and found that adding a form caused the AJAX to fail. Instead I ended up with the following code:

$(‘input’).keyup(function(e) {
if(e.keyCode == 13) {
$(‘#btnSubmit’).click() ;

This adds to all input fields a keyup function that checks for the enter key and if found calls the click function on the button I want to use as the default button – in this case it’s an input button called ‘btnSubmit’.… Read the rest

07 Nov

Save HTML Table to Excel using jQuery

After a few hours work looking into this, this turned out really easy to implement using jQuery and server side PHP programming as follows:

On the client side the following HTML code needs adding to the page (note this is older code – for newer code follow link at bottom):

Note – variables used above – ReportTable is the id of the table you want to save and datatodisplay is a hidden variable used to post the table to the server.

The jQuery commands were added to the form’s onsubmit event but could easily be in your $(function(){}); fuction

The hard part here was getting all of the <table> HTML code.… Read the rest