31 Jul

A great backyard grill

The kind of grill you have says a lot about you. Do you do it up classic style and grill your meat over an outdoor wood stove? Do you simmer your meat over charcoal for that great smoky flavor? Or do you have one of those fancy  drop in grills with a full on outdoor sink?

No matter how you cook outdoors, grilling is an American past time and it has some deep roots in American culture. It is only recently that is has become a full on bonanza of basically full on kitchens, fully equipped with everything, even outdoor kitchen cabinets.

The root of modern day American grilling comes from a place that used to only manufacture buoys. The Weber grill was the invention of a man that worked for a buoy manufacturer. Weber started the charcoal grill phenomenon that is still going strong today. The company even has a specialty restaurant where it makes everything from steak to desserts on the grills.

The gas grill came along later as a simpler option to the charcoal variety. They require less room because you don’t have to worry so much about things catching on fire. A charcoal grill needs more space. That is why gas grills are popular with people who live in apartments. A person who has an apartment with a small patio can safely grill using a gas grill out on their patio or deck.

If you have never tried grilling food over an open flame you should give it a whirl. It will make you feel like you are going camping.  A camp fire is good for way more than just making Smores.

It really does not matter how you cook it, food just brings people together. And there is nothing like a grill and a game to make a weekend with friends and family.

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